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ClearOne takes audio conferencing to the next level. With MAXAttach solutions available in wired and wireless options, users can expect clear, full-duplex audio through multiple conferencing units. Automatic control levels and first-mic priority keeps audio levels consistent and eliminates hollow tunnel sounds without any added frustrations for the user. Expansion capabilities for up to four complete phones ensure that even the longest tables will have 360 degrees of coverage.


  • Clear, full-duplex audio through 2 (or more) complete conferencing units
  • Automatic level controls keep participants balanced and consistent
  • First-mic priority eliminates hollow tunnel sound by selecting the unit closest to the speaker
  • Up to 4 phones (not just microphones) with the MAX Attach expansion
  • 360-degrees of audio pickup in each unit

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Contact us or call Steve at 636-812-3602 for more information regarding our ClearOne conferencing equipment and systems.

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