Polycom SoundStation 2

There is a reason that Polycom is the number 1 choice for set top audio conferencing equipment. Polycom units provide crystal clear sound quality compared to the typical desktop phone using conference call capabilities. With technology to resist interference from cell phones, higher call productivity is experienced due to a lack of distracting noises. Optional expansion microphones ensure that even the largest conference rooms will be heard loud and clear. With a large selection of units to meet every need, Polycom is the perfect fit for any size conference room.

Polycom SoundStation 2

The perfect solution for small to midsize conference rooms, Polycom’s SoundStation 2 provides the perfect amount of functionality. Users can be heard up to 10 feet away with 360-degree microphone coverage. Crystal clear audio quality makes every conference call more effective and productive. The “EX” model supports up to two additional expansion microphones, making sure the system can pick up even the furthest corners of every conference room.


IP Phones

Those with demanding collaboration needs will understand the power behind Polycom’s SoundPoint IP series. Featuring Polycom HD Voice technology, every call is crystal clear with noise- and echo-free sound. Easy to update, install, configure and upgrade, Polycom’s SoundPoint IP line a smart upgrade to any workplace. Supported through Gigabit Ethernet IP telephony technology, SoundPoint IP phones are an upgrade in the right direction.

VTX 1000

Polycom’s VTX 1000 provides excellent HD call clarity up to 20 feet away from the microphone. Acoustic Clarity technology makes sure that every phone call comes through crystal clear. The VTX 1000 provides added functionality through a new feature that allows upgrades to download through a normal analog telephone line.


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