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Repair and Refurbishing Hardware

At Callisto Communications, LLC, we provide a full range of equipment testing, refurbishing, and repair services. What makes Callisto refurbished telephones different from other vendors? Quality. For example, each of our refurbished telephones are individually boxed and contain new lit packs, handsets, 14′ line cords, and 12′ handset cords. Each set is assembled with new plastic housings when needed – you will never find a set painted in an effort to hide blemishes. AND our sets are always tested prior to shipping.

We also repair SPECTRALINK LTB100 / 6020 handsets, PTB410 handsets, PTB450 handsets, RCC base stations, associated chargers and power supplies (DCD100, GCQ100, PTQ360 and GCL100). Handset repairs include new plastics, new display/speaker assembly, new rubberized dial pad and new microphone.

LTB100 repair $145   |   PTB410 repair $105

Callisto's repair center specializes in repairing Nortel equipment.

Please call Chris @ 636-812-3603 for more information or download this form, fill it out, and email or fax it to us with your equipment for sale or in-house credit.

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