Refurbished Nortel Phones

With over 80 years of combined support and sales of Nortel equipment, Callisto is the qualified choice for your businesses Nortel system needs. Offering a complete line of refurbished Nortel phones and routers, we ensure every piece of equipment goes through an arduous testing and refurbish process before being sold to the public.

Although Nortel has been acquired, removing or discarding your equipment is not necessary. Nortel equipment that is properly maintained will help mediate your businesses needs while eliminating the need to upgrade your platform and incurring additional costs.  Our IT Support Team is available 24/7 a day to assist you with any of your equipment needs.


Nortel Support

With our team of seasoned technicians at your disposal, we can provide support, maintenance, crash kits and upgrades to service any of your Nortel equipment. Plus, with our same day turnaround services, you are guaranteed quick return of your equipment.

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If you are having technical issues that need immediate assistance, or would like information on the Nortel equipment we sell or service, contact Callisto Communications today at 636-812-3600 or complete our contact form.

When you order your refurbished Nortel phone system with Callisto you also receive:

  • 24/7 IT support to assist you with any equipment needs
  • 12 month warranty
  • Large inventory of Nortel products for fast service
  • Buy Back program
  • Getting the best price/performance for your Nortel Phone System

All of our Nortel refurbished telephones are individually boxed and contain:

  • New lit packs
  • Handsets
  • 14′ line cords
  • 12′ handset cords
  • New plastic housings

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