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Callisto Communications is a leading provider of new and refurbished telephone equipment offering reputable brands at competitive prices. The cornerstone of our business is repairing and refurbishing telephones and telephone systems bringing them back to their original quality. Refurbished phone systems offer a variety of benefits for small and mid-size businesses but the biggest contributor is always price. Why buy new, when we can provide phone systems just like new for a quarter of the price of a new system? Here are some of the most common questions we receive in regards to refurbished phone systems:

What are refurbished phones systems?
These are phone systems that have been sent to us for a variety of reasons that we bring back to original manufacturer quality including new handsets, line cords, handset cords and much more.

Where are the refurbished phones coming from?

Callisto receives phone systems from an assortment of locations including:

  • End users disposing of used equipment
  • Overstocks

What is our refurbished process?
Our refurbished phone systems go through a full repair and refurbish process prior to being re-commissioned. All internal functionality, including circuit boards and phone cards, are tested to ensure proper performance. Once complete, we replace the used phone casing, cords and head pieces as needed, resulting in a fully refurbished phone that looks and functions like new. To learn more about our process please visit the refurbish phone process page.

When is Refurbished Better?

  • Small to mid-size businesses can save large amounts of capital choosing a refurbished system compared to a new.
  • If your business has a platform such as Shoretel that you don’t want to move away from but still want to save money on adding additional equipment.
  • Your company already uses a standard system however new phone systems are no longer being made.

Callisto Communications offers a comprehensive product line of refurbished phones systems, both analog and digital, that provide quality unified communication solutions for your business. All of our refurbished telephones are individually boxed and contain new lit packs, handsets, 14′ line cords, and 12′ handset cords. Each set is assembled with new plastic housings, when needed – you will never find a set painted in an effort to hide blemishes. AND our sets are always tested prior to shipping.

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