Refurbish Process

Our refurbished phone systems go through a full repair and refurbish process prior to being re-commissioned. All internal functionality, including circuit boards and phone cards, are tested to ensure proper performance. Once complete, we replace the used phone casing, cords and head pieces as needed, resulting in a fully refurbished phone that looks and functions like new.

Refurbished Telephones

All of our refurbished telephones are individually boxed and contain:

  • New lit packs
  • Handsets
  • 14′ line cords
  • 12′ handset cords
  • New plastic housings

Refurbished Handsets

Once we have tested our refurbished handsets, we provide a complete overhaul of the existing external surface of the device, including:

  • New plastics
  • New display/speaker assembly
  • New rubberized dial pad
  • New microphone

For additional information on the complete refurbishment process and services we provide, contact Callisto Communications today at 636-812-3600 or complete our contact form.

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