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We Specialize in Being Your Silent Partner

We focus on getting the little things right. Parts arrive securely, products have a high level of quality control, and our defective rates are extremely low. Our warranty is strong because we believe in the quality of our work. In "escalated" customer situations, when it absolutely has to be there, Callisto is here to help. We understand the importance — and more importantly, the cost — of getting it right the first time. Both in hard financial terms, and also in customer downtime and customer satisfaction.

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Callisto Expertise

At Callisto, we have more engineering and technical expertise than most of our competitors combined. Our team of engineers and technicians specialize in the sale, repair, and consulting for:

  • Legacy telecom equipment
  • Reliable telecom equipment
  • Trusted Audiovisual solutions
  • Secure Unified Communications
  • And More!
Callisto Expertise

Our Process

We pride ourselves on making it easy to do business with us, and the onboard process is fast and easy.

Step 1

Fill out our contact form on our website and specify your organization's telecom, audiovisual, or unified communications needs.

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Step 2

You will be paired with one of our sales representatives based on your needs and their expertise. Customers will be contacted within the same day or a few hours.

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Step 3

Our team will provide you solutions that make sense for your needs and get you set up with the right equipment. Our onboard process is fast and easy so that you can achieve your organization's goals faster and easier.

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Find quality products, on-time delivery, and outstanding support staff for your communication efforts today!

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Competitive AdvantagesWhy Callisto?

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Same-day and international shipping

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In House engineers & field technicians

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Dozens of new and vintage product lines

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150 Years combined experience

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Top-notch customer service

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Reliable in-house repair center