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Shoretel has been a leading unified communications leader since 1996 when they first entered the telephony market. Started in 1996 as Shoreline Communications, Shoretel quickly switched names to the current version of Shoretel and began shipping its first products out the door in 1998. Shoretel products empowers organizations of almost any size to integrate all communications processes; voice, video, messaging and data with their business solutions. The cost efficiency of Shoretel communications offerings is what enables many small to mid-size companies to not only rely on Shoretel but to prefer Shoretel over the leading competitors.

Whether you are a school, hospital or just a small office we have solutions to help fit your needs. Callisto Communications has years of experience in repairing and refurbishing Shoretel phones and networking systems. Choosing to acquire a refurbished Shoretel phone system or to  repair your current Shoretel system is the fastest solution to minimize your downtime in your communications. Not only will refurbished Shoretel phones save you money and time, they save you and your company the hassle of learning a whole new communication system. The difference between Callisto and everyone else is that we will help you get back and running quickly with your current system as well as provide assistance for the long term. We pride ourselves in becoming partners with all of our customers.


Shoretel Support

With our team of seasoned technicians at your disposal, we can provide support, maintenance, crash kits and upgrades to service any of your Shoretel equipment. Plus, with our same day turnaround services, you are guaranteed quick return of your equipment.

If you are having technical issues that need immediate assistance, or would like information on the Shoretel equipment we sell or service, contact Callisto Communications today at 636-812-3600 or complete our contact form.

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Limited time offer on Refurbished Shoretel 230G Phones – In stock for a limited time only the Shoretel 230G is available for only $125 each. For more information go to Refurbished Shoretel 230G.

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