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Partner with E-Metrotel and Callisto to provide the complete line of UCX Unified Communications systems and supporting application solutions that address today’s customer business communication needs, easily and profitably. When you partner with us, you do more than simply add another voice offering to your existing portfolio. Our innovation extends beyond technology to include how we bundle and package products and services. Our superior legacy PBX integration solution delivers a cost-effective and smooth migration path.

Have a large Nortel customer base?
E-Metrotel is a cost-effective next-generation Nortel Norstar, BCM, M-1 and CS 1000 replacement solution, supporting both IP and traditional digital & analog technologies simultaneously, making your migration to SIP based VoIP deployment that much easier. It also means you can start benefiting from the latest technologies while leveraging your existing investments. Retain your current Nortel system investment and upgrade to the full features offered through the E-MetrolTel UCx.

Benefits for you customers
The cost of switching from an older Nortel system to an entirely new phone system can be quite a financial burden for many companies, but with E-Metrotel you can keep your current system and reduce your overall costs in the process. Forget about switching hardware and phones, when you choose to install E-MetroTel products you can keep your phones and save time by not having to learn how to use a whole new system.

We provide ongoing support and training for all resellers
By partnering with E-Metrotel and Callisto Communications, we will provide your team with ongoing training and support as an authorized reseller of the full line of E-Metrotel products. This ensures that your customers will receive the support they have come to expect from you backed by the reliability of a solid product.  Please call Greg at 636-812-3601 or fill out the form below to find out how you can become an E-Metrotel reseller today.

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