Polycom Gold Seal Protection Plan

Repairing damaged Polycom equipment can be costly and timely. Speed up the process with the Polycom GoldSeal protection plan. Cost effective and easy to obtain (all that’s needed is the serial number on the bottom of the unit), GoldSeal covered systems will receive 24/7 customer support and advanced replacement on broken parts. Full suite unlimited training will help even the most technophobic team members as certified technicians walk you through free software updates. GoldSeal is your one stop shop for Polycom protection and assistance.


  • Cost effective warranty and support for Polycom units
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced Replacement
  • Full suite unlimited training
  • Critical Spare Components
  • Free updates and upgrades to software

As industry leaders in unified communication, Callisto Communications has years of experience providing quality Polycom audio solutions backed by our GoldSeal protection plan. Contact us or call Steve at 636-812-3602 for additional information regarding our Polycom GoldSeal protection plan.

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