Video wall technology has been a prevalent part of the technological world for decades. However, the relatively high costs associated with implementation and overarching complexity to run and install the technology has made it difficult for businesses to use, until now. With Hiperwall systems from Callisto Communications, you have a powerful video wall system that is software driven rather than hardware, allowing for increased flexibility and use while still remaining within your business’ budget.

Benefits of Hiperwall Systems

  • No special hardware required
  • No specific PCs or monitors needed
  • No specialized training or skills required

With the Hiperwall software, you are able to still use traditional displays in conjunction with your standard computer and network in order to create high resolution static pictures, streamed videos or live computer feeds. In addition to standard Hiperwall technology, Callisto Communications also offers Distributed Visualization by Hiperwall, capable of streaming content to multiple walls or rooms throughout a business facility.

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