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Efficient and Collaborative Solutions
For Your Operations Center

High functioning and easy-to-use display walls are essential for operations centers. Our skilled AV team can help you plan and install your display wall using solutions from top manufacturers such as Hiperwall, ATEN, and Extron. Display walls are powerful and interactive, which allows for sharing and collaboration among different sites. Contact us today to see how we can help your business run more efficiently!

Work Stations


We partner with industry leaders in displays to make stunning and functional video walls for operations centers, conference rooms, classrooms, etc. We can customize and scale to your needs and provide a bright, colorful, and clean look.

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Work Stations

Employee workstations in your operations center can provide content to your video walls. This makes it easier to change content, share information, and stay connected during any situation.

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Video walls can have varying types of hardware, software, and cabling to achieve a finished product. Multiple connections for data and content, both wired and wireless, allow the most flexibility possible.

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Tablets, wall-mounted panels, and workstations can be used to control and change content on your video wall. Adding, removing, scaling, and sharing your content can be easily managed by one person.

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Software-Based Video Walls

Software-based video walls from Hiperwall consist of a variety of software applications that form a complete video wall setup. With a customizable and scalable software solution, we can design the perfect video wall for your needs and select the applications that fit your design. There are different applications that manage the input, control, and output of your video wall system as well as a powerful solution for sharing and collaboration across video walls in different geographic locations.

Hardware-Based Video Walls

Hardware-based video wall solutions offer a reliable, highly scalable, expandable video wall solution. With standard connections and a central modular matrix switcher, you can be confident that you have the highest quality and reliability. For smaller video walls, there are also many different types of managed and single-input solutions available. We work to provide the most flexibility in cost and scale.

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