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Audio Conferencing

Callisto Communications offers high-quality audio conferencing equipment at cost-effective prices to fit your business's needs. Our refurbished equipment provides automatic control levels and first-mic priority allowing all audio levels to remain consistent as well as eliminating tunnel noise which can disrupt the flow of conference calls. With reputable audio conferencing brands, we can repair or refurbish your equipment to ensure lasting use.


Yealink emerges as a key player in the unified communications (UC) market, providing businesses with a one-stop communication solution.


Offering a large selection of video conferencing equipment, Poly, formerly Polycom, equipment is backed by the Poly GoldSeal which ensures businesses are never without their equipment.

Audio Conferencing Solutions

Yealink CP965
Yealink CP965 Conference Phone

The 13-microphone array is elaborately positioned in every 'foot' and the center of the CP965 to assure omnidirectional voice pickup and effective noise-cancellation. With this magic black box, attendees from every corner of the room can hear and be heard with equitable clarity.

Boom Gemini
Boom Gemini

The Boom Gemini provides full speaker and microphone coverage for your conference room. This speaker is also portable and can have up to two units. Pair this wireless bluetooth conference room speaker with your cell phone or laptop for full room coverage conference calls.

Poly Trio
Poly TRIO C60IP Conference Phone

Pro-designed expansion microphones deliver brilliant audio and are easy to use, whether you’re using for audio conferences or pairing it with a Poly video room solution. Launch and join meetings with one finger.

Callisto Communications is a unified communications company based out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Contact us or call 636-812-3600 for more information.

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