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As "back to school season" is right around the corner, administrators and educators are trying their best to be prepped for what is to come for schools this fall. The health and safety of your staff and students are a priority in the classroom. Thankfully, Konftel has solutions that match your needs for quality education while staying within your budget.

With our audio and video conferencing kits you can feel at ease and remain productive as you practice distance learning with your students this upcoming school year. Discover the possibilities below.

Konftel C20 Ego - Perfect for Students Learning from Home

The Konftel C20 Ego is a video kit that is equipped for 6 people or less. The Ego is easy to use so that you can stay focused on your curriculum. Audio with this kit uses our OmniSound® technology through a USB and Bluetooth speaker. This high-quality connection helps to keep students focused so that they don't miss out on important concepts.

The Cam20 provides HD quality visuals also makes sure that students can clearly see what you are trying to display on their screens. Set up for this kit is easy with only using a single cable connection. Students simply connect the cable to their laptops to receive audio, visuals, and screen access. This kit is compatible with any app that might be used for distance learning (Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

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Konftel C2055 - Helpful for Small Classroom Settings

Looking for a video kit that will support more students? The Konftel C2055 can accommodate up to 12 people and will work well in small classroom settings. Clear audio comes through a speakerphone, which covers up to 30m2. This kit gives reliable visuals using a 4K camera with a 123° view field, which can be set in front of a smartboard or screen for students to view.

Simple set up makes your job easier. The Konftel C2055 uses one cable connection to hook from a laptop to receive audio and video in viewing the screen, smartboard, etc. This Konftel kit is also Android-based and able to be paired with any app that might be used for distance learning (Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

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Konftel C5055Wx - Ideal for the "Average" Classroom

In a 20 person classroom setting, you will find that the Konftel C5055Wx is the best solution. The Bluetooth® speakerphone sound system is flexible and equipped with expandable microphones or a wireless headset. Visuals are a priority in the classroom, and the Konftel C5055Wx great for larger classrooms. The Cam50 is a PTZ camera that can switch to display various areas in the room.

The one cable connection makes this kit equally effective. Simply connect from a laptop to receive audio and video in viewing the screen, smartboard, etc. Use your Android-based apps (Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.) easily with this video kit.

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